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The Ecomaniac emphasize on maintaining a Clean Environment! We promote products that have been derived from renewable resources and are completely biodegradable.

Keep her Happy and the Mother Nature will take care of everyone! With this belief, the Maniacs here like to give back the maximum to Mother Nature! With all Eco friendly products, the motto is clear – Declare an open war against Environmental Pollution!

Let us take the Pledge – Say No to non-renewable Plastic Material!

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We at Ecomaniac promote Green Products!
In their complete life-cycle, Green Products do not harm the environment at all. Replace the daily essentials with eco-friendly products & be a torch-bearer for a Green & Clean Earth!

Cassava T-Shirt Bags

Cassava T-Shirt Bags

Let us ignite a revolt against ubiquitous plastic bags! Ecomaniac’s Cassava Eco-bags are the solution to mitigate the...

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PLA Straight cocktail straws

Ever wondered the straws you use can be a weapon against toxic plastic! Ecomaniac brings you the PLA Straws made from...

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Single Wall Bagasse Paper Cup Lined with PLA

The Dry Pulp Residue of sugarcane, Bagasse, is the latest find in fight against non biodegradable plastic! Utterly Fashion...

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Find out latest blogs, articles & posts on biodegradable products. Rethink your routine and save Mother Nature with Eco-friendly products. Click on Read More to find out what Ecomaniac has in store for you.

Eco friendly products
Eco friendly products – A path to sustainable Future
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In today’s fast-paced life, we tend to forget how we are impacting Mother Nature. Our smallest contributions can make a...

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Cornstarch products
Corn Starch Products | Revolutionary Alternative to Toxic Plastic Items!
Post by admin

The Global Problem: Plastic- There’s no denying that even small things can have big impacts; whether good or bad! Let...

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Cornstarch Products
Cornstarch Products: A Viable Replacement For Plastics Goods
Post by admin

Our Mother Earth is dying a slow death! And we humans are the reason. Since the renaissance, the industrial revolution in...

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