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3 Essential Eco Friendly Products for your Home & Occasions

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The utilization of plastic products is touching new highs every year. If we look at the current scenario, close to 500 billion plastic bags are being used globally. Now, imagine the numbers for the rest of the plastic products. The current plastic wastage estimates amount to around 10 million tons per year! Just imagine the level of plastic pollution that is impacting Mother Earth.

It is high time that we look for alternatives like eco friendly products that are completely biodegradable and do not harm our ecosystem in any way. Areca leaf products are one such type of green product that you can easily avail from eCommerce stores for daily use of special events like parties, weddings or birthdays.

3 Must-have Eco Friendly Products for your Home & Occasions

Disposable Areca Palm Leaf Plates


Almost everyone uses plates to consume snacks or food in-home, at the office or during special events. Why go plastic when you can go natural?

Enter disposable Areca palm leaf plates which are made from (as you can guess) Areca Palm Leaves.

Did you know that only the fallen Areca Palm leaves are collected to make such eco-friendly products? No mechanical or chemical processes are used to obtain the palm leaves or during the manufacturing process.


These plates come in different sizes i.e., 8” and 10”. So, if you are planning to get some for your kids and yourselves then you can gladly do so. Otherwise, if you are hosting a BBQ lunch or a birthday party then you can either go for 8” or 10” plates depending on the type of dishes that you want to serve.

The areca leaf plates are made from 100% biodegradable & toxic-free material which doesn’t harm the soil but instead improves its fertility (because the leaf plates quickly decompose into the soil).

Areca Leaf Disposable Plates with 7” CPLA Wrapped Cutlery Set

You can get these products if you have decided to go eco-friendly for the long run. The Areca Leaf Plates with the CPLA Wrapped Cutlery set is an excellent alternative to the traditional plastic-based plates and cutlery sets.

The eco-friendly plates and the cutlery set are made from environmentally-friendly products such as Areca Leaves & Crystallized Poly Lactic Acid. These materials are completely compostable, non-toxic and do not harm our planet in any way.

eco friendly products

These green products are highly durable, microwave/fridge/freezer safe and can withstand hot & cold temperatures. So, the next time you consume your food in these innovative products, don’t worry about spills.

Having difficulty consumed your favourite dish? Then simply grab the CPLA wrapped cutlery and relish your favourite BBQ or a dessert at home or during parties!

900ml Cornstarch 3 Grid Bento-Box with Eco-Friendly Cutlery Set

Ecomaniac has come up with this ingenious product for office goers & school-going kids. However, you can use this eco friendly product during trekking, birthday parties and other special occasions too!

The idea behind the Cornstarch bento-box & the disposable spoon fork knife is simple – to encourage healthy eating habits. How is this goal achieved?

The grids ensure that you consume only specific nutritious portions of food instead of overeating. On the other hand, these eco friendly products are made from naturally sourced materials such as Cornstarch. So, if you are consuming hot foods then it won’t react with the bento box and release harmful fumes (this happens with plastic food containers). Therefore, you get to practice safe eating habits and stay healthy!

eco friendly products

These are 3 must-have eco friendly products for your home or special occasions. Want to get these affordable products? Simply head over to Ecomaniac, choose the environmentally products and place an order. They will be shipped to your place in a few business days!


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