3 Must-have Eco-Friendly products to make your meals Greener

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Having safe, clean & green meals has become rare as most foods are packed in plastic boxes or containers instead of Eco-Friendly products. From packing food for school going kids to serving snacks on various occasions, you’ll see plastic pervading every sphere of life. These products might offer convenience but they do that at the expense of our Mother Earth. How you may ask?

Plastic products are disposed off daily into landfills, rivers, seas, oceans where they cause rampant pollution affecting terrestrial & aquatic life. Thousands of sea & land animals die by consuming these plastic products.

On the other hand, plastic reacts with heat & releases toxic fumes which are not visible to the naked eye. These fumes get deposited into the food that you consume which will eventually lead to health complications.

This is why you must use environmentally friendly products like an Eco-friendly lunch box, Disposable cutlery set, biodegradable soup bowl & others that are made from biodegradable materials. Read on to know about 3 such innovative green products that can help you to adopt safe eating practices at your home or any other place!

3 Eco-friendly products that can Make Your Meals Greener

1000ml Cornstarch-based Lunch Box, 580ml Soup Bowl & 7” Spoon Fork & Knife

This amazing combo of Cornstarch lunchbox, soup/salad bowl & Disposable spoon fork knife is ideal for families who are planning to host a small party, a family event or a wedding.

All the 3 environmentally friendly products are made from Cornstarch which is a carbohydrate that is naturally sourced from corn flour. It is primarily leveraged to make durable eco-friendly products that act as a feasible alternative to toxic plastic products.

Eco-friendly Products

These products excellently resist heat & cold. So, if you are planning to consume hot or cold foods, you don’t have to worry about any structural damage to the food box, bowl or cutlery.

Simply pour in some delicious soup or a sizzling hot BBQ and relish it with your loved ones in these amazing eco-friendly products.

1000ml Cornstarch Lunch Box with 7” Spoon Fork & Knife

Planning to switch from toxic plastic food boxes to eco-friendly lunch boxes? Then a 1000ml cornstarch lunch box is the ideal choice for you.

You can effortlessly pack food in these beautiful boxes for your kids, husband or wife & add an Eco-friendly cutlery set so that your loved ones can safely consume food.

Eco-friendly Products

These lunchboxes are highly durable, possess excellent heat resistance properties, are completely microwave safe and perfect for occasions like camping, catering, weddings & picnics. You can use the Disposable cutlery set to effortlessly consume food & minimize waste.

Interesting fact: The best part about these eco-friendly products is that they can be easily recycled!

900ml Cornstarch 3-Grid Bento-Box with 7” Wrapped Cutlery Set

Bento boxes are all the rage now due to the presence of separate containers that can store different types of food. This keeps the food fresh, doesn’t require plastic wrappers or foils, encourages picky eaters to eat healthily & the containers help you to keep the food portion under control. These boxes are usually made up of plastic which entails various disadvantages.

However, environmental enthusiasts & planet conscious organizations are bringing forth bento boxes made from cornstarch & CPLA wrapped cutlery set. These are highly durable, refrigerator, freezer & microwave safe, are completely leakproof and offer a similar experience to plastic products.

Eco-friendly Products

However, the major difference is that both the bento box & the cutlery are completely biodegradable & made from toxic-free materials like Cornstarch & CPLA.

These are 3 amazing eco-friendly products that you must use in your kitchen or for special occasions like weddings & parties. Simply head over to reputed eCommerce stores that provide such environmentally friendly products & enjoy your meals in a clean, green & safe manner!

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