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Biodegradable Products – An initiative to save Mother Earth!

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Can you hear the call from Mother Earth? Do you fancy clean and healthy environment? Then, what are you waiting for? It’s time to be an EcoManiac! Take the initiative and spread the awareness! Increase the use of biodegradable products to make the future worth living for next generation. These products are true friends of the environment!

These products are capable of being broken down quickly by the actions of micro-organisms for recycling. Furthermore, no harmful residues are left behind to damage the environment. Unfortunately, not all materials which are advertised as biodegradable are eco friendly products! Some may take years to biodegrade!

Fortunately, in the year 2018, a dedicated team of like minded individuals launched a new project. Ecomaniac is what they name it! They raised voice against the usage of non renewable plastics and promoted biodegradable products. Furthermore, this Dubai based firm is gradually spreading its eco-friendly solutions for daily activities in international market. The motto of ‘Reduce to replace’ is always holding the forefront position in their business.

The team strongly promotes Green Products! These products may include biodegradable cups, Paper cups with lids, Bagasse dome lid cup, CPLA cutleries, cornstarch tray, cassava bags and what not! It’s time to replace non biodegradable products with eco friendly products. Be a torch – bearer of Green Earth!

The article will give you the insights of sugarcane Bagasse and Bagasse dome lid cup.

Sugarcane Bagasse – The fibrous residue that left after the extraction of juice is what we call Bagasse. Although a waste product, yet useful one! Majorly grown in tropical and sub-tropical zones, the production of 100 tons of sugarcane can generate 34 tons of sugarcane Bagasse. With the manufacture of various products, Bagasse products are getting great fame!

Bagasse Dome Lid Cup – It is certain that these dome lid cups are biodegradable! In addition to being compostable, the sugarcane Bagasse products are durable as well. The Bagasse dome lid cup is suitable enough to carry refrigerated and frozen desserts.

With these lip cups, the handling of Fruit Smoothies, Milkshakes, Sundays with Whip cream topping and frozen desserts is not a problem anymore! This clean & clear design is perfect to fulfil the needs and requirements of food serving industry. Without a doubt, it is clear that the sugarcane Bagasse products are taking the food industry to new heights!

For better understanding of sugarcane residue products, it is essential to be acquainted with the production process of sugarcane Bagasse products.

  • The fibrous sugarcane residue is stored wet, in order to remove short fibres and residual sugar.
  • The Bagasse is blend with water until it forms a uniform pulp.
  • Biodegradable bleachers are added to the pulp.
  • The pulp when mixed with bleachers is poured into desired modules and is kept under high temperatures.
  • Finally, the biodegradable cups and other products are ready to use!


It’s high time to declare an open war against Environmental Deterioration! Say no to non-renewable materials!

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