Cassava Eco friendly Bags | Ideal Replacement to Toxic Plastic Bags

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In order to mitigate the world-wide epidemic of non-biodegradable & non-compostable plastic bags, Ecomaniac has introduced a viable alternative – Cassava Bags.

These biodegradable & eco friendly bags are manufactured from starch extracted from the plants. Their nature plays a significant role in improving the environment, saving the marine species & preventing ecological catastrophes.

Let us understand more about these biodegradable alternatives to the plastic.

Plastic – The Ubiquitous Toxic Polymer

Over the years, plastic has become a crucial asset of our daily lives as it is cheap, flexible, durable & versatile. We have included this long-lasting polymer in every facet of our lives today.

It is used to manufacture things that we use daily – carry bags, food wraps, cars, mobile phones, pens, headphones, tooth-brush, debit/credit cards & what not! Think about daily essentials & you’ll find plastic in it. Plastic has become ubiquitous.

Sadly, this widely-used miracle substance does have a critical flaw. The convenience offered by the plastics comes at the cost a bomb. These synthetic chemicals not only have a negative impact on human health, but also wreck the environment that sustains us.

It is evident that plastics are toxic oxymorons that do not belong in our world.

So, what should be done? How can we contribute in environmental sustainability? What are the possible alternatives to plastics?

Understanding Cassava?

Cassava refers to a root vegetable that is rich in various nutrients. It ranks amongst the staple ingredients of myriad of diets around the world. Analysis shows that cassava is the primary component of diet of over 800 Million people.

However, cassava is never consumed raw as it contains cyanide, naturally occurring toxic substance which is toxic to ingest. Therefore, people cook cassava carefully so as to avoid consuming the toxic cyanide.

Cassava Bags | Biodegradable Bags

Cassava Bags are made from the cassava starch, vegetable oil & organic resins. These bags are completely bio-degradable & compostable i.e., they do not harm the environment throughout their entire life-cycle.

These eco friendly bags break down over a significantly lesser time when given to composting. In addition to that, cassava bags are soluble in water under high temperatures, thus, they do not contaminate the environment.

Manufacturing Process of Eco Friendly Cassava Bags-

The manufacturing of biodegradable Cassava bags includes following main stages:

1). Production of Granules: Starch obtained from the cassava flour is mixed with some additives such as vegetable oil & organic resins. This blend is put into a granulator machine & given to certain temperature & pressure, which results in the production of granules.

2). Film Production: The granules obtained in the previous step are put in to an extruder machine & films of various thicknesses are obtained. This film is stretched with the help of the rollers. The film is then cooled & rolled to be used in making cassava bags.

3). Production of Bags: This step involves the making of cassava-based eco friendly bags with the help of the film produced in the second step. Various kinds of Cassava bags like T-shirt bags, Grip-hole bags & Garbage bags are produced in this final step.

Types of Cassava bags-

Immense increase in the demand of Petroleum-free bags has led to its production at an extensive scale. A myriad of countries that care about conserving the environment have made the use of biodegradable bags mandatory.

Mentioned below are 3 types of Cassava bags offered by Ecomaniac:

  • Cassava Grip-Hole bags: Cassava-based grip-hole bags are a sustainable alternative to the plastic grip-hole bags. Their decomposition does not harm the environment when given to composting.
  • Cassava T-shirt Bags: Cassava T-Shirt Bags are a great replacement for the plastic bags. They can be used to carry food items & other stuffs. By using them one can effectively contribute in conserving the limited non-renewable resources of the Earth.
  • Cassava Garbage Bags: Cassava-based garbage eco-bags are a solution to the plastic garbage bags as they are more sustainable & compostable. Replace the plastic garbage bags with cassava garbage bags & take a Cassava Grip-Hole bags significant step towards the conservation of Mother Nature.

It is evident that Cassava Bags can effectively contribute in improving & conserving the environment that sustains our life on Planet Earth. Use biodegradable bags & ignite a revolt against the use of dangerous plastic bags. Let us together build a better future for our children!

We have shown that we care. Now, it’s your turn!

Go Green! Go Ecomaniac!

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