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Corn Starch Products | Revolutionary Alternative to Toxic Plastic Items!

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The Global Problem: Plastic-

There’s no denying that even small things can have big impacts; whether good or bad! Let us understand this by taking insight in to some global analysis on plastic.

  • Around 9 million tons of plastic waste ends up in the oceans every year.
  • Each year around 10 billion plastic pens are thrown in the landfills.
  • Over 1,000,000 plastic beverage bottles are sold every minute around the globe.
  • India alone generates plastic waste that weighs as much as 150 large blue whales, the largest animal known to exist on the planet, everyday.

You can imagine the long-term problematic & non-biodegradable waste produced. Much of this material persists for centuries or even longer to breakdown. It is predicted that by 2050, the amount of plastic in the oceans will outnumber the fishes.

You may wonder about the feasible measures that could be taken to combat this universal epidemic. One of the effective measures that can curb plastic usage & provide alternative solution to plastic is Cornstarch products.

The Remedy – Eco Friendly products

Yes, eco friendly products made from Poly lactic acid, Sugarcane bagasse, cassava roots & corn starch have gained the global attention recently. These products have emerged as the new eye-candy for the environmental enthusiasts as these can decompose naturally when micro-organisms metabolize.

Eco friendly products do not harm the environment throughout their life-cycle. They promote environmental sustainability by contributing in conserving the non-renewable resources of planet Earth.

Let us understand making & advantages of one such eco friendly product – Cornstarch products.

Cornstarch Products & Its Advantages-

Cornstarch refers to a carbohydrate extracted from the endosperm of corn. This extracted carbohydrate is known as corn flour in the simpler terms. Gladly, scientists found a way of extracting PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) from the fermented corn starch & producing corn starch products out of it.

The corn starch products are gaining popularity these days as these are more environmentally friendly alternative to the one time use traditional plastic products. These eco friendly products have following advantages:

  • These products are derived from renewable plant material.
  • The production of these products does not emit greenhouse gases.
  • These are compostable under proper industrial composting conditions.
  • The recycling of these products is theoretically possible, if the systems are actually put in place.


Corn Starch Products:

Some of the products made from corn starch include Round Tray, round bowl, rectangular & square tray. These simple eco friendly products are a viable alternative to the toxic plastic items as they promote environmental sustainability.

1). Round Tray – Cornstarch: Round tray cornstarch are biodegradable & compostable products. While these round trays may look similar to the plastic plates, they are made from PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) that is extracted from Corn starch. These trays are ideal for serving food during picnics, pot lucks & house parties.

Round Tray Cornstarch

2). Rectangular & Square Tray: Rectangular and square tray made from corn starch is a feasible & healthy alternative to the paper & plastic trays. By using them, one can effectively contribute in conserving Earth’s environment & keeping it healthy.

Rectangular & Square Tray

3). Round Bowl- Cornstarch: These eco friendly, compostable & bio-degradable round bowls made from corn starch are non-toxic & healthy. Round bowl cornstarch can be used to serve stuffs such as soups at homes, cafes & restaurants.

Round Bowl Cornstarch

In order to save our planet Earth, the only paradise we ever need, we must shoulder the responsibility of conserving its natural resources. Let us take the pledge of leaving the Earth as a clean & green planet for the generations to come.

Say no to toxic products & yes to Eco friendly Cornstarch products!

Together we can make the difference.

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