CPLA Cutlery – The Future of Planet Earth!

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Over the years, plastics have become a vital part in our modern lives. We are compelled to include plastics in every facet of our life. Mostly these are based on carbon or silicon atoms. These elements deadly contribute to health problems in human and animals. Apart from it, these materials are cluttering up our societies, cities and oceans. Luckily, biodegradable products have emerged as an effective solution! These can easily be broken into their component parts to recycle them. Moreover, their end result is less harmful to the environment as compared to plastics. It includes Cornstarch products, Bagasse products, Cassava bags, CPLA cutlery and what not!

Talking about the decomposable products & not mentioning CPLA cutleries is doing injustice. CPLA spoon, CPLA forks and CPLA knife are few of them! CPLA stands for ‘Crystallized Polylactic Acid’. Though it is more expensive than disposable cutlery, simultaneously it is the most environmental friendly cutlery.


With a doubt, it is clear that decomposable cutleries are way better than any other. Let us discuss benefits of CPLA spoon, forks and knife:


  • Less Carbon Emission: As these products are broken down using natural bacteria, they hardly emit any carbon or methane in the atmosphere. Additionally, these are plant based products!
  • Recyclable: In addition to the quality to break down into humic elements, biodegradable products can be easily recycled to create more plastic product. Its integrity is ensured by the plant based oils used in their production.
  • Compostability: With traditional biodegradable paper products and yard, this trash can easily convert into rich humic material. These converted materials improve water and nutrient retention of land and help to grow healthier plants.
  • Eco-friendly Disposable Solution: Biodegradable products require recycling to ensure proper breakdown of the trash. Only, then the natural composting process begins! The proper process automatically reduces the amount of waste left.


The future is in your hands! Cut the use of synthetic plastics! As we all know ‘No Earth No Life’! Hence, it’s time to take corrective steps toward saving the planet.

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