Eco friendly garbage bags – For Cleaner & Greener Earth

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Ever imagined the garbage bag you use can be a weapon against toxic plastic! Yes, trash bag made from biodegradable products can secure your future & promote environmental sustainability!

These eco friendly garbage bags are a revolutionary alternative to traditional plastic bags!

Excited to join the mission against non-renewable plastic usage? Learn how you can promote 100% biodegradable alternatives for daily usage.

Eco Friendly Garbage Bags Vs Plastic Bags

People are conventional towards the usage of the plastic bags because of some honest reasons – it is cheap, durable, flexible & versatile. This ubiquitous polymer & its by-products have cluttered up our cities, oceans & made a colossal contribution in deadly health problems in humans & environment. In addition to that, plastics bags DO NOT DEGRADE over time & have long-lasting consequences on the environment in myriad of ways.

Fortunately, people have now understood critical flaws of this crucial asset of their lives. As a result of the increased awareness for environmental sustainability, people have started replacing their daily essential with biodegradable products such as eco friendly garbage bags & cornstarch cutlery.

The eco friendly bags are made from renewable resources such as cornstarch, sugarcane bagasse & cassava roots. These bags are completely bio-degradable & do not harm the environment in their entire life-cycle.

Gladly, many businesses around the globe are encouraging the use of these eco friendly bags during their promotional campaigns. The promotion of bags made from biodegradable products gives a definite boost to the image of the companies/organizations.

Various types of eco friendly bags available in the market today tote bags, lunch bags, string bags, black garbage bags & trash bags.

Why Eco Friendly Garbage Bags?

  • These are Green Garbage Bags & made from Agriculture – Eco friendly garbage bags are made from cassava (a root vegetable) & other natural resins. These bags often considered as earth friendly & green bags since they do not harm the environment in any way in their entire life-cycle.
  • These are Recyclable– These biodegradable garbage bags are recyclable, i.e., waste collected from using these garbage bags can be recycled to make another product.
  • These are Bio-degradable– Eco friendly garbage bags are completely bio-degradable i.e., they are capable of undergoing decomposition by micro-organisms such as fungi, bacteria & algae under natural conditions.
  • These are Compostable– Eco friendly black garbage bags are subjected to degradation when given to composting. They yield carbon dioxide, water, inorganic compounds & bio-mass under commercial composting conditions. They do not leave any visible, distinguishable or toxic residue behind.

It is evident that eco friendly garbage bags are viable & sustainable alternative to reduce the pollution caused by harmful plastic garbage bags. They promote environmental sustainability & help in improving Earth’s environment.

Be the steward of what you have you have been entrusted with! Join the mission to protect Earth’s environment & save it for the future generations!

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