Eco Friendly Holi- Save the planet!

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One of the major festivals of India, Holi, is celebrated across the country with enthusiasm and excitement. It is all about fun and painting the country in vibrant colors. With that being said, let’s celebrate eco friendly Holi this year, using eco friendly products so that the festival is not only brightened with colors but it is also environmentally friendly!

Here are some of the tips on how to celebrate Holi in the most eco friendly way:

Switch to homemade colors

Colour is the most important tool of the festival. It is celebrated by using synthetic colors that are not only filled with chemicals but are also expensive and could even cause skin problems and allergies.

So, switch to homemade colors. It is simple to make colors out of turmeric, henna and sandalwood. By mixing these together; you can make natural colors to play Holi. The best part, the color stain is gone once you wash it off!

Put down the water usage

There are many parts in the country where people face water scarcity. People have to walk for miles to fetch clean water to drink. So, using less water will help in conserving this essential life-sustenance element.

Let us take a step towards conserving this natural resource by preventing its wastage and avoid using water balloons to keep the streets garbage free.

Plastic bags! STOP USING IT!

Plastic causes toxic risks to human health from its use to disposal and even beyond that. So, to protect the environment from plastic toxicity, use biodegradable products. If put down in simpler words, use eco friendly bags to protect our environment from the plastic wastes and its consequences.

During this festival, drinks are served to keep the body hydrated from the spring heat! Instead of using plastic cups and plastic straws, switch to eco friendly straws and eco friendly cups.

Eco Friendly Holi

Some of the biodegradable products to make your Holi eco friendly are made from PLA (Poly Lactic Acid), CPLA (Crystallized Poly Lactic Acid), cornstarch and cassava.

Use of these eco friendly products will make you not only a responsible individual but also someone who is stepping towards bringing a positive change in the world.

Below are some of the revolutionary products to make your Holi eco friendly:

Cassava Griphole Bags

This classic eco friendly bag is a substitute for plastic bags and a great way to protect the environment from plastic toxicity. You can use this bag to carry the colors, extra pair of clothes and food also while you’re at a Holi event.

CPLA Spoon, knife and fork

Get CPLA based eco friendly cutlery and take a step towards saving the planet. This cutlery can be used while eating the food served.

Cornstarch based round bowl

Another biodegradable product, round bowl, is made out of cornstarch. Get these environmental friendly bowls instead of harmful plastic bowls. These bowls can be used for serving pakodas, snacks and also special sweets made for Holi.

PLA Straws

Savour your cool beverage with biodegradable straws made from PLA as it protects the environment from disposing of plastic wastes. You can use these straws with the drinks served at the Holi event.

Eco Friendly Holi

These are some of the ways you can celebrate an eco friendly and safe Holi by going all-natural and using biodegradable products. Wishing you a very Happy Holi!

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