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Humans are destroying their home – the planet Earth!

You might wonder, how? What are the possible solutions to improve Earth’s environment? Ever heard of the eco friendly products or green products?

Well, before getting to the solution, let us first understand the major cause behind the degradation of our Home!

Today the world is dealing with the wide-spread epidemic of non-biodegradable & non-compostable plastic bags. People around the world are guilty of littering at some point or the other, even if not intentionally.

According to an analysis by the World Wildlife Fund,

  • Around 90% of the seabirds around the world have fragments of plastic in their stomach.
  • Only 9% of plastic used around the world is recycled. 12% of the plastic waste in incinerated, while the remaining 79% is accumulated in the land-fills.
  • A single piece of plastic takes thousands of years to decompose. However, it eventually transforms in to dangerous micro-plastic.
  • 80% of the plastic waste found in our seas originates on the land. It is dumped into oceans via rivers & streams. And hence, it leads to death of almost over 1 million sea-birds & 100,000 marine species.

The analysis & numbers may astound you. And if it hasn’t, I wonder what would!

The problem might seem too big for you to make an impact! However, it is something that can be prevented!

We all can take small steps towards conserving the Earth’s environment by reducing the plastic waste & using products that are biodegradable & compostable.

Understanding Eco friendly products

One of the finest corrections that can significantly contribute in protecting the Earth’s environment & reducing toxic plastic waste is the use of eco friendly products.

According to one of the definitions, eco friendly products refer to the products that do not harm the environment in their entire life-cycle; neither in their production, use nor disposal. In simple words, eco friendly products help in conserving Earth’s atmosphere by considerably reducing the amount of pollution they could produce.

These products are completely bio-degradable & made from natural resources such as corn-starch, sugarcane bagasse & cassava. One can easily identify eco friendly products, as in most of the cases they are labeled as such.

Importance of Eco friendly products at a Glance!

Eco friendly bags have waged a war against the ubiquitous toxic polymer Plastic! Since they are made from natural resources such as cornstarch & sugarcane bagasse, they are –

  • Biodegradable
  • Recyclable
  • Compostable

In addition to that, the manufacturing of eco friendly products does not release methane, carbon or other harmful gases. It involves lesser amount of energy & do not require fossil fuels to be recycled. Hence, it contributes in conserving petroleum supplies that are depleting at a fast pace.


Types of eco friendly products:

Here is a list of some eco friendly products that will help you understand how easily you can replace plastics products you purchase. By replacing petroleum-based daily essentials, you effectively contribute in eliminating the plastic pollution in your area.

1). Cornstarch Products: Cornstarch products are obtained from renewable agriculture-based starch. The eco friendly polymers obtained from cornstarch are used to manufacture oil-based cornstarch products.

Cornstarch products include round-bowl, rectangular food tray, round tray, button-in square box, Five-grid lunch box & 3-Compartment plate. These products are completely biodegradable & compostable.

2). Bagasse Products: Bagasse Products are manufactured from the dry pulp residue of sugarcane known as bagasse. These biodegradable products are becoming the new eye candy for the environment enthusiasts.

These include single-wall & double-wall bagasse paper cups lined with PLA & paper bowls. You can use these utterly trendy bagasse products at your home, kitchen & restaurants & contribute in building a better future for our children!

3). Cassava Products: Cassava products are obtained from cassava starch, vegetable oil & organic resins. They are eco friendly as they decompose in a significantly lesser time when given to composting.

Cassava products include grip-hole bags, T-shirt bags & garbage bags.

4). CPLA & PLA Products: These eco friendly products are obtained from thermo-plastic polymer extracted from renewable products such as cornstarch, which is biodegradable, compostable & petroleum-free.

PLA Products include PLA cups & various types of straws such as straight cocktail straws & bendable straws.

CPLA Products include cutlery such as CPLA Spoon, Knife & Fork. The incineration of the CPLA Products do not produce any harmful substance, hence it does not degrade Earth’s environment.


Do not wait for the change! Rather be the change you want to see in the world. Use these eco friendly products to contribute in conserving Earth’s environment & keeping it neat & clean.

And, do not forget to share your efforts with your friends & colleagues. The more you share, the more people will be convinced & begin to use biodegradable products.

A small step can bring life to the dying & degrading world!

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