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Eco-friendly & Disposable...

Ecomaniac has brought forth a new combo of Eco-friendly products that include Disposable Areca Palm Leaf Plates along with the 7” CPLA Wrapped Cutlery Set. Don’t worry about its durability as the Areca Palm Leaf plates boast excellent thermoregulation properties, leak-proof, microwave/freezer/fridge safe & are 100% compostable & biodegradable. Even the Eco-friendly Cutlery Set is …

AED 14.00

Eco-friendly & Disposable...

Ecomaniac is bringing to you Areca Palm Leaf-based Eco-friendly plates that are an excellent alternative to toxic plastic plates. Serve delicious food& snacks to your guests on these plates or use them at weddings, birthdays or during camping. • Areca Leaf Plates possess excellent thermal resistance • Areca Leaf Plates are Microwave/Oven friendly • Areca …

AED 13.00

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