Replace toxic tubes with the best PLA straw! Save Planet Earth!

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Straws, it has been a hot topic since quite a long time! With the spread awareness about the destruction done by toxic plastics, there has been Global call for PLA straw! The 100% compostable and biodegradable straws have already gained immense popularity! However, before diving deep into the perks of these straws, let us discuss the ill-effects of noxious plastics.

With the modern lifestyle, the use of plastic becomes the necessity! We are compelled to use the plastic products in every facet of our life. However, they significantly contribute towards the health problems for both – Humans and Animals. Their manufacturing skips the economical risk appraisal process. And hence, our societies, cities and oceans are cluttering with these poisonous materials.

Fortunately over time, the plastic products are replaced with eco friendly products! They emerged as a solution to not only plastic use but also towards the health of our Earth! Compostable and biodegradable, they are easily recycled. With increased popularity, you can find variety of biodegradable products available in market! It includes cornstarch products, PLA products, Bagasse products and what not! So, hoteliers get ready to be acquainted with the best eco friendly straw!


As the movement of Eco friendly straw is gaining immense popularity, the product has been explored by many individuals and businesses as well. Apart from PLA straws, bamboo, paper, cocktail straws and stainless steel straws are other eco friendly straws available. The reusable straws are undoubtedly considered unhygienic! And hence, PLA straws are the best alternative to it! They are clear and feel exactly same as plastic straws. However, before obtaining for PLA straws, let us understand their perks.

There are countless benefits offered by biodegradable straws. First and foremost is that they are made of natural resources! In addition to being 100% compostable, they require 68% fewer fossil fuel to produce! As a consequence, they become more sustainable choice over plastics.

With its sturdy manufacturing, these hygienic straws are best suitable to hold drinks well. Though sanitation and utility is same as the plastic straw, yet it degrades at much faster rate.

At the end of the day, one cannot forgo their drinks without straw! Hence, using eco-friendly and biodegradable straws is best option to enjoy sustainable live. Initiate the use and be the torchbearer of ‘Green and Clean Planet’!

The time is now! Get up and initiate to save Planet Earth!

Be an EcoManiac!

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