Non – Toxic Tableware

Serve your delicious food with non-chemical and non-toxic tableware

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Usually, when it comes to a family gathering, you should be focused on the precious moments happening around the food table – not if your dishes are safe. This is the growing concern for some families around. With more news to come out each day about the dangers of toxins in dishware, many are detoxifying their kitchen and incorporating non-toxic tableware for the household.

Would you like to know about the common toxins found in dishes we eat frequently?

Many of you may have heard about or talked about “BPA” or “Lead” in dishware or food packaging. Lately, there has been a conversation about their effect on human health. Many are debating as to whether they are safe to use or should be avoided at all costs. On the other hand, some customers aren’t even aware of these elements or what they’re capable of. We believe in taking a stand against the production of dishware made with these harmful chemicals. We have mentioned the list of what makes them dangerous below:


Lead is basically a natural element that is metal-based. You can easily find the small traces of it in soil or air while larger traces can be found in fossil fuels. Lead usually posses as a health concern to adults, children and pregnant woman. In addition to that, it can also cause behavioral issues, anemia and decreased kidney functions.


It is a plasticizer which is used to soften plastic products. Its use varies from children’s toys to plastic food containers to cosmetics. Though its safety is still widely debated, this chemical was banned by the European Union in 2005, due to its link to developmental problems in infants.

Non – Toxic Tableware


Cadmium is a kind of natural metal found in the earth’s crust. Usually, it can be found in batteries and used for pigmentation in the paint. Researchers have concluded that it is carcinogenic to humans and can cause cadmium poisoning and cancer which can be very dangerous.

Though there are many researching linking to the disastrous effects of lead, BPA, Phthalates and Cadmium, some still argue that these toxins can be safe in small traces.

Why and how can these be dangerous to our families?

Since the beginning of food containers, heavy metals and toxic materials have been used to adorn designs unto food containers. However, scientists have been finding the leading caused links with the toxic poisonings and serious ailments back in the day. Yet, dispute substantial amounts of research, some mass corporations unfortunately still choose to include small traces of dangerous toxins in an effort to be efficient and “cost-effective”. But there is a cost – it’s your family’s health.

According to the recent report of FDA, small traces of lead and toxins are allowed to be regulated in current food containers. There are many different problems that can be caused due to the use of these non-biodegradable food containers.

Non – Toxic Tableware

In response to this, a few preventive measures have been taken by various state governments and manufacturers. Many of these actions include the strict use of non-toxic tableware and others state that biodegradable and disposable tableware should be used for safety as well as for taking care of the environment.

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