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Green house gas emission, Global Warming, air & water pollution, land degradation & oceanic acidification have taken toll on the environment. Huge Environmental disaster is awaiting us. Major cause of this pollution is the production of plastics & its litters that affect both terrestrial life & marine life.

Indeed, pollution of the environment by chemicals leached from plastics into air & water is an emerging area of concern. To combat from the growing nuisance caused by plastic products, governments around the world have committed to sustainable development as a policy goal. This has been supported by an array of new policies ranging from international agreements to national strategies, regional programs, local plans & environmental laws at many levels of government.

Social backing for government endeavors is utmost important to reap fruitful results. Thanks to the support lent by industries & individuals to make this initiative a huge success! Though we have miles to go to turn the globe to a healthy & green place to live in, the smallest of the measures undertaken by people to save Mother Earth cannot be overlooked.

The dull days of eco-friendly consumption are over! Reincarnated sneakers, drinking straws made from sustainable resources & furniture made from trash! The list of sustainable lifestyle options just got longer.

The recent research reveals that 75% of people in Asia Pacific tend to choose products that are environmentally responsible. Keeping this in mind, companies of all sizes have reinvigorated the way sustainability is sold & marketed.

Products that marry sustainability with high standards of style and design are being created. The game changing products manufactured with sustainability in mind include:

  1. Green Mobile Phones:
  2. On an average, a phone is replaced every 18 months. When a cell phone ends up in a landfill, it sits there sometimes for even hundreds of years emitting toxic substances that leach in the ground or water supply. Research reveals that by 2020, 6 billion smart phones will be in circulation globally.
    Companies hence have switched to designing ethical smart phones that enables users to replace individual components if need be, instead of buying a new phone. Moreover, the smart phone manufacturers have introduced a whole line of phones & accessories free of PVC. They are now going on for environmental friendlier paints & biodegradable plastics for its products to keep the environment safe & healthy.

  3. Driving to a sustainable future:
  4. Transportation is the second largest contributor to our carbon footprint. Even leaving your car at home can reduce your green house gas emissions by over 3,000 pounds. If your city or town isn’t exactly pedestrian friendly, considering a cleaner vehicle is the best option. Among the green vehicles with advanced technology that have less harmful impact on the society include:

    • Electric vehicles powered with a plug-in electric battery motor.
    • Hybrid Electric Vehicles that leverage an electric motor & typical combustion engine.
    • Clean Diesel Vehicles or Ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD) with substantially lowered sulfur content.  
    • Natural Gas Vehicles that use Compresses Natural Gas or Liquefied Natural Gas. Energy is produced essentially by combustion of Methane which is the cleanest burning hydrocarbon.

    People may think that it requires lots of time, efforts & expenditure to go green. However the truth is that there are lots of eco-products that you can start using right now that helps you to reduce waste and make this planet a better place to live in.

    Eco-products also known as environment friendly products or green products cause minimal harm to people and the environment. Hence Go Green to Keep The Planet Clean!

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