Why is there a growing Need of Ethical Buying of Eco Friendly Products?

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It is a known fact that Plastic products are preferred due to their durability & affordability. However, the leading report states that almost 60% to 95% of the waste being produced contains plastic. Plastic is non-biodegradable & harmful to the planet. So, there is indeed a pressing need of Ethical Buying of biodegradable products to mitigate the effects of plastic pollution.

Even though getting a plastic product is more affordable as compared to eco friendly products, the ground-reality shows a grim picture. Let us know about the clamor surrounding plastic products, its usage & why is there a need of ethical buying?

Need of Ethical buying

What happens when we use plastic products?

Accumulation: A U.N reports states that only 9% of the world’s plastic waste is recycled. The rest of the plastic waste gets accumulated in oceans, landfills & environment posing serious threat to humans, flora & fauna.

Land & water degradation: Plastic is non-biodegradable. They take hundreds of years to decompose, which leads to contamination of water & soil.

A threat to humans & animals: Plastic breaks down into smaller particles known as micro-plastics. The harmful chemicals used in plastic manufacturing flow in water sources & eventually get absorbed by plants as well as animals. Humans consuming such food are vulnerable to health complications.

All the above-mentioned effects impact the environment on a large scale reducing land productivity, increased plastic pollution & a less viable planet for humans.

Need of Ethical buying

Why is there a need of ethical buying of eco friendly products?

Biodegradable: Green products such as eco friendly straws, cups & others are 100% biodegradable ensuring that land or water pollution is nullified.

Eco Friendly Material: The primary materials used for manufacturing eco friendly products are renewable & environmentally friendly.

No Threat to Flora & Fauna: Since the green products comprise of eco friendly material, accidental consumption by animals or plants will have zero negative impact.

Reduced energy usage: Plastic products require a higher amount of energy for manufacturing as opposed to less energy needed for green products manufacturing.

Less Wastage: As compared to plastic products ending up in landfills or oceans, eco friendly products can be used in compost heaps to improve soil fertility owing to green products biodegradability.

Need of Ethical buying

Adopting the Eco trends of sustainable & overall development of Mother Earth rests in our hands. It is high time that awareness on the need of ethical buying is promoted for the greater interest of the Planet.

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